1. Location, Location, Location

Before buying it is best advised to the visit the area at different times of the day and night to get a feel for it for your new location. Take notice of what amenities are in the community and if they are in walking distance of your new home. For example, playgrounds, supermarkets, schools and local sports clubs.

2. Be Aware of Additional Costs

When buying a new home there are other costs to consider.

Here are a few to take note of : 

  • Booking deposit of the house which is generally 2-5% of the purchase price.
  • Stamp duty which is 1% of the purchase price.
  • Bank Valuations which is €150 (Some banks may include this as part of your mortgage application).
  • Solicitors fees which are either a flat cost of a percentage fee of the purchase price.

3. Research & Analyse Your Home

When viewing your potential new home, everything will be in perfect condition for your arrival.

Here are a few pointers to do when you are undertaking a viewing: 

  • What direction is the house facing? Generally south facing homes get most of the sun throughout the day.
  • Switch off the lights in each home so you can get a better feel for what natural light hits each room.
  • Check your bedrooms to see if there is generous space for furnishing and wardrobes.
  • If you are buying in an estate, check if there is a safe open green area and off street parking.

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